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We create and monitor your entire social media strategy and keep track of the latest developments and tools in the field, saving you time, money and effort.
  1. Discovery

Your Brand: Content on social media should match your brand. We start our work together by gaining a deep understanding of who you are, your goals, and your brand’s look and feel.

Your Competitors: We analyze the social media presence of competitors or aspirational brands in order to determine where we can outperform others in the industry, and where we can adopt successful tactics.
Your Social Presence: We conduct a social media audit of existing social media channels:

 – Profile info
 – Channel selection
 – Audience
 – Engagement
 – Content

  1. Foundation

During the foundation stage, Hearst Bay Area will document a strategy to achieve your business goals on your social channels. Prior to launching this strategy, we will also ensure that the channels are in tip top shape for new content to be posted!

  1. Growth and Monthly Management

Monthly Content Calendar: We begin each month by outlining the date, theme, platform, and concept for each post we will create. This spreadsheet is shared for approval.

Weekly Scheduled Content: Next, we draft each post in Sprout Social for approval. Once approved, the posts are scheduled to go live at peak times. We monitor all engagements.

Monthly Reporting: A monthly report is presented to recap performance and opportunities for growth.